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5800 +/- Acre Ranch - Montana Mountains -
Bob Marshall Wilderness and the Hoodoo
mountains are to the east & south; 5 miles
of two major creeks meander throughout
providing abundant water for livestock, elk
deer, birds & trout that make this stunning
masterpiece their home; aspens a bonus

link 12,000 +/- Acre Plantation - Brazil SA -
This is a total coffee operation where
one would buy land, equipment, many
processing & storage buildings with
offices; financial books are available
to qualified buyer; gorgeous place to
own & a lucrative business  $3400 PA

20,000 +/- Acre Ranch - Chihuahua MX -
Mule deer & bird hunting deluxe; quiet
mountain retreat with headquarters &
airstrip; large lake full of fish & ducks;
unusual geological formations abound;
Full title insurance & financing can be
arranged on this Mexico wonderland


28,000 +/- Acre Ranch - Argentina SA -
Over twelve miles of the Limay River;
mountain forests surround the pretty
Encantado Valley where the three BR
log headquarters is nestled near the
river; eagle, deer, condor, wild boar
& quail live here; trout fishing bliss


29,000 +/- Acre Ranch - Argentina SA -
Astonishingly beautiful ranch entirely
bordered by huge mountainous peaks;
A river runs through it - here also, fed
by scores of rushing steams and blue
waterfalls; forests flank the lakes on
all sides; absolutely spectacular


37,000 +/- Acre Ranch - Argentina SA -
Don't cry for me Argentina, just let me
own this lake; warranted title, forests
full of gushing rivers, falls & mountain
steams; trout & salmon fishing; many
extraordinary wildlife species; airstrip
& quarters; remote, stunning, sacred


39,999 +/- Acre Ranch - Somerset - One
word: "wild"; forestland with a mix of
birch, spruce, fir & maple; terrain is so
eye-catching with rolling hills & large,
splendid forests; Moose River is a site
to behold; Maine has wildlife few have
ever seen, but you can if you dare


80,000 +/- Acre Ranch - Argentina SA -
Santa Cruz mountain ranch with many
flowing rivers, waterfalls, streams and
glaziers; wide valleys covered in deep
forests, several large lakes; will hold
13,000 sheep; wildlife is plentiful and
fishing is excellent; paradise found


297,000 +/- Acre Ranch - Para Brazil SA-
Sited on the coastline of Brazil; ocean
and terra firma wildlife is astounding;
mineral interests: oil, copper and gold
to be conveyed; expect Brazilian land
price to double; clear warranted title;
$25,000,000 (No Brokers)

link 2,200,000 +/- Acre Rainforest - Brazil SA -
An astonishing place with vast quantities
of mahogany & other valuable resources;
preserve & profit immensely at the same
time: detail provided to qualified buyers;
wildlife/scenery beyond imagination; full
warranted title; $65 per ac (No Brokers)

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